Book Review Policy

Thanks for checking out my blog!

I am interested in reviewing both physical and eBook ARCs and final copies of physical books. If you’d like me to review a book, please include the following on my contact form:

  • Book title, author, and anticipated publication date
  • Link to the author’s website / publisher’s website
  • Your role in the process (author, publisher, publicist, hired blogger, friend, fan, etc.)
  • Synopsis of the book
  • Deadline for my review
    • If you do not have a specific deadline, please specific say this.
  • Link to the book on Goodreads


Here is a list of genres that I am currently accepting:

  • New Adult Fiction
    • realistic, fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal
  • Young Adult Fiction
    • realistic, fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal
  • Romance
    • contemporary, suspense, sci-fi/paranormal, Harlequin
  • Poetry


I reserve the right to deny any books that I feel I am not interested in. With that being said, either way, I will reply back to let you know.

If you’re not sure whether your book meets the specifications listed above, reach out! I’ll let you know if I’m interested.

Sending me an ARC does not equal a positive review. I will provide honest feedback — yes, that means honest. If that means I didn’t like the book, I will say that.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

– chels