Book Review Policy

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I am interested in reviewing both physical and eBook ARCs and final copies of physical books. My turnaround time for reviews during an academic school year (September to June) is 3-4 months. My summer schedule is much more flexible. My turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. If you’d like me to review a book, please include the following on my contact form:

  • Book title, author, and anticipated publication date
  • Link to the author’s website / publisher’s website
  • Your role in the process (author, publisher, publicist, hired blogger, friend, fan, etc.)
  • Synopsis of the book
  • Deadline for my review
    • If you do not have a specific deadline, please specifically say this.
  • Link to the book on Goodreads or Amazon or anywhere else that is easily accesible.

Here is a list of genres that I am currently accepting:

  • New Adult Fiction
    • realistic, fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal
  • Young Adult Fiction
    • realistic, fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal
  • Romance
    • contemporary, suspense, sci-fi/paranormal, Harlequin
  • Poetry

I reserve the right to deny any books that I feel I am not interested in. With that being said, either way, I will reply back to let you know that in a timely manner.

If you’re not sure whether your book meets the specifications listed above, reach out! I’ll let you know if I’m interested.

Sending me an ARC does not equal a positive review. I will provide honest feedback — yes, that means honest. If that means I didn’t like the book, I will say that. I rate on a 5 star scale:

  • 5 stars – mindblowing, life changing, reaffirming, need to reconsider value systems after having read this book.
  • 4 stars – amazing, well-written, great character development, no plot holes, fun, funny, overall, loved.
  • 3 stars – good book, would recommend.
  • 2 stars – okay book, finished, probably would not recommend
  • 1 star – did not like. Might have finished it for the sake of finishing it

I do not provide half star ratings.

Once I accept an ARC, please contact me with questions about whether I’ve completed your review only after the turnaround time has elapsed.
Note: I will not tag the author in my content.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

– chels

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