Heart Song

In Tillion’s United States, everything is dependent on the Soulmate Match Program. The Soulmate Match Program, a government funded partner matching initiative matches compatible partners in order to increase the US population after a resurgence of a catastrophic disease. Matching couples became a capitalist’s dream, but after a few generations and corruption, the formula for soulmate connections began to fail.

One of the final pairings of the Soulmate Match Program is Tillion and Cain. Tillion, at age seven, woke up with a song in her heart that wouldn’t go away which made her a little strange to everyone around her. At seventeen, she was paired with political self-starter, Cain who at first, accepted eccentric Tillion as she was. This acceptance is short lived as the curse of the song begins to drive her mad. To save his career and public image, Cain files for a “damage release” on their soulmate contract and has Tillion institutionalized.

It’s at Leeward Asylum that Tillion finds the answers she’d always been looking for. In an ancient book on myths and magic, she finds the journals of Julius Caesar. The journals reveals an ancient Roman myth called the Heart Song and Tillion realizes she was never cursed at all… she was blessed.

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